A capacitor is an electrical component, which stores electric charge. Its most important
application is that of power factor correction (see Reactive compensation chapter ))
The capacitive element’s constructive material depends on its application manufactures.
cylindrical capacitors with propylene film,metallized with elements such as Al o Zn,
which makes it self-healing and reduces the possible losses. This film will have
different thicknesses depending on the working voltage.

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The elements
used for metallizing act as current conductors, and the polypropylene as a dielectric.
After the manufacturing process and a quality control,the capacitive elements (coils)
are introduced
in aluminium or plastic cans, and then encapsulated with polyurethane resin,
which is ecological and non-toxic. This resin is specially designed by
the RTR Energía S.L.’s Chemistry Department and can be used with different capacitors and electric equipments which need encapsulation


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